Let the Magic of Yoga Happen!

~ A Note from Aadil Palkhivala's Class ~

"The fact that makes Yoga unique is that it is not information."

"There is so much information about yoga on the internet that you can learn from. Yoga teachers would be so obsolete if the information was Yoga..."

"It is about transmission, it is about energy. The energy of yoga is not stored in the words and facts. it is space. it sits in its own plane, the yogic plane, like a physical, mental, and emotional plane, there is a yogic plane."


"In order to access to it, you need to tune in, like radio. We have to go through every channel, keep changing and changing."


"In order to receive information, you need open mind"

"In order to receive transmission, you need open heart"

*(open=empty=no resistance)


"This is the magic of yoga.

It is far vast than words, demonstrations, and touch.

That cannot be codified or weighed.

That cannot be described in words or explained.

There is no box to fit it in, or room to give an illusion of meaning.

That is the transmission of yogic force."

To gain the openess, he encourages us by quoting from Charles Deveaux,

 'The important thing is to behave, at any moment, to sacrifice what we are      for what we could become'


"Be open and ready for change.."  he continues.


" One requirement for yoga:

Willingness to change and grow, and the openess to receive,

....then magic will happen."


I say Namaste to great master..


You may wonder why these photos?

.....Well, this too! is great magic, to me :))